About Us

Relationships for Christ Ministries, Inc. exists to empower ministries and individuals around the world to touch the lives of their community for Jesus Christ.

RFC is a non-profit ministry dedicated to motivating and training Christians everywhere to use relationships to reach non-believers. RFC Ministries publishes a quarterly newsletter, books, workbooks, and other media resources.

We are located in the metropolitan Houston area and serve ministries in the continental United States, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Mexico. Plans are underway to expand this ministry to Southeast Asia and the Philippines.

It is our philosophy that the community of God is a network of believers, designed to bring restoration to the lives of others through serving, reaching and discipling people for Christ. At Relationships for Christ we believe it is important to minister to the whole person; physically, mentally and spiritually.  It is through our relationships with others that we best serve God.

Our program’s outcomes include:

  • The Body of Christ working together globally to expand the Kingdom of God
  • Individuals who use relational skills to connect with and lead non-believers to Christ
  • Outreach teams that use relational skills to serve and grow the local church by ministering to the complete person