impact-webgraphicRelationships for Christ Ministries, Inc. is excited to work with congregations and church leaders around the world to support, train, and grow local leaders to meet the challenges of day to day ministry and evangelism.  One of the ways in which we do this is through our Impact Conferences and Seminars.

These conferences and seminars focused on church and pastoral leadership issues relevant to today’s ministry.  Topics include: Team Work, Leader Spirituality, Leader Maturity, Conflict Resolution, Evangelism, Local Church Outreach, and more.

Each participant receives a workbook that covers all the material presented that day.  In many developing nations, these resources are invaluable to local pastors and church leaders.  It is the intention of our ministry to provide leaders with resources that keep benefiting them long after the event is over and the trainers are gone.

The real value of our Impact events is that they are held at the local level.  Many times events of this type are held in locations that are inaccessible to rural national pastors due to cost of travel and lodging.  Many pastors and church leaders who could benefit the most from attending these events never get to attend.   The RFC Ministries Impact Seminars are small and mobile enough to go anywhere to meet the important needs of church leadership, no matter where they are at.

It is our commitment to strong local leadership that inspires Relationships for Christ Ministries, Inc. to reach out to ministries and churches around the world with Impact Conferences and Seminars!